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χαος εν κοσμοι εν χαοι…

This is a pseudonym. It's not hard to figure out who i am if you start here, but, knowing who i am, it's slightly difficult to get here. Please don't link here with my real name, etc.

The username is (ungrammatical) Greek. It's part of a mantra of sorts, "χαος εν κοσμοι εν χαοι εν κοσμοι εν χαοι...," translated roughly as "Chaos in order in chaos in order in ..." which is how i view the scientific process. You start out with a big bunch of chaos, find rules that explain a lot of it (forcing order), then you find exceptions to those rules (more chaos), and find rules that explain those, and so on, and so forth. I recently also heard someone talk about the creative process this way, starting with an empty medium and filling it with just what they want. I rather like both interpretations.

My hobbies include cryptozoology, squaring the circle, and Strong AI.

I've spent many years working in software: engineering, reverse engineering, data migration, etc. I like big, complicated, gnarly systems. Mostly because they're hard to understand, which slides up the pay scale and yields great job security.

Recent-ish undergrad degrees in linguistics and mathematics, the result of accepting my irrational love of formal systems. My academic friends tell me that i should do grad school, but first i have to save up enough money to afford it (see above about sliding up the pay scale). My friends also tell me that i might not have the patience for it, so i'm putting it off while i evaluate that.

I'm tired of anonymous comments, because everybody takes "anonymous" a little too literally. If you've got something to say, at least have the decency to register a pseudonym.